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Did you know a staggering 74% of people use social media to make purchase decisions? That means your ecommerce stores social media ads can directly impact your sales and revenue.


What is an Ecommerce Social Media Advertising — and is it worth it?

Social media advertising for ecommerce includes paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram using CPAS (Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution), or TikTok.


Paid social advertising goes beyond your organic social media strategy to expand your reach on social platforms. Due to algorithm updates on platforms like Facebook, it’s harder than ever to reach customers organically in their social feeds. That’s why it’s important — especially for ecommerce stores looking to sell more online — to consider advertising on social media.


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The Power of Collaborative Ads

Collaborative Ads allows brands that sell products through retailers and merchants to run direct sales campaigns through your marketplace store or your website.


Your retail partner shares a segment of their catalog, called a catalog segment, with your business. You can run dynamic ads with this catalog segment using the Catalog Sales, Conversions or Traffic objectives. You can retarget your products to people who have interacted with them on the website or app of your retail partner.

You can use Collaborative Ads to:

  • Run ad campaigns, such as dynamic ads, to drive sales of your products on participating websites or apps of retailers.
  • Measure your sales and other conversion events that happen on the website or app of your retail partner.
  • Run campaigns to drive traffic exclusively to your partner’s website or app.

How to use Social Media Advertising for ecommerce?

There’s a lot that goes into creating winning social media ads, but we boiled it down to a few main points. To get started advertising your ecommerce business on social media, you’ll want to:

  1. Establish your campaign goals
    Do you want to boost brand awareness? Increase traffic to your site? Earn more sales? Setting clear goals for your social ad campaigns will help you get the best results. Not sure how to set smart social media goals? Our experts at The Rebel Marketing can help!

  2. Choose your social platforms
    Next, you need to determine which platforms you’ll use for social advertising. Depending on your goals and audience, you may choose to advertise on one or multiple platforms.

  3. Develop your ad text and creative
    You’ll also need to consider your ad design. Whether you use image, video, or plain text ads, you want your social ads to stand out in users’ feeds and encourage them to click.

    Not a design pro? Don’t worry. The Rebel Marketing can help you design creative ads that drive engagement and support your business goals.

  4. Set up ad targeting
    Successful ecommerce social media ads use custom targeting to reach the most qualified audience.

    Depending on your campaign and goals, you may choose to target social media users based on:

    • Custom audiences or existing customer lists
    • Keyword, interest, and user intent
    • School, profession, and workplace
    • Company size, industry, and job title
    • Device
    • Demographics
    • And more

    The Rebel Marketing can help you identify and set up ad targeting options that will produce the best results for your business.

  5. Launch your ads and monitor results
    Finally, it’s time to launch your ads! Just remember — you’ll need to monitor and evaluate campaign results continually. This will allow you to make data-backed changes to your campaigns so that you can earn more exposure, leads, and conversions.

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What we can do for you?

When you partner with The Rebel Marketing for ecommerce social media advertising, you’ll get access to a dedicated account manager. In addition, you’ll receive support from social team members with expertise on each network.

  • Copy
  • Headlines
  • Ad creative
  • CTAs


Initial ad creative comes with two rounds of revisions, so you can give feedback before the ads go live.

  • Custom audiences using social pixels or customer list targeting
  • Keyword, interest, and user intent targeting
  • School, profession, and workplace targeting
  • Company size, industry, and job title targeting
  • Device targeting
  • Demographic targeting
  • Custom targeting saves your business money by zeroing in on the prospects most likely to convert.

Which ecommerce platform we can integrate?

If your ecommerce shop runs on the following platforms, we offer integration options to make advertising on social media seamless.

  • Tokopedia
  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • and other marketplace supported by CPAS

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Ecommerce Social Media Advertising FAQ's

What are ecommerce social media advertising services?

Ecommerce social media advertising services use social media ads to promote businesses with online stores. These ads, whether delivered via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another social network, help ecommerce companies increase brand awareness, online engagement, and even sales.


How much do ecommerce social media advertising services cost?

It depends a lot on what you sell, what results you expect, and your budget. Ad costs also vary greatly by country, industry, target audience, placement and time of year. Some rules of thumb that will help you gauge your ultimate costs are:

  • The more expensive your offer, the more you can expect to spend. This doesn’t mean your costs per click (CPC) will be higher, only that your campaign’s total costs will likely be.
  • The more aggressive you are to get results, the more you can expect to spend.
  • Bottom-of-the-funnel objectives like “Sales” and “Conversions” are more expensive than top-of-the-funnel ones such as “Brand Awareness” and “Reach.”

When you discuss your project with us, we’ll be able to tell you in greater detail about how much you can expect to pay.

Are social media ads worth it for ecommerce business?

Yes! Social Media Ads allow you to:

  • Target all sorts of audiences granularly, something unparalleled by almost any other ad platform
  • Create campaigns that fulfill several goals within your campaigns, including brand awareness, traffic generation, lead generation and sales
  • Control your spending and the results you get
  • Expand your messaging and learn more about the best ways to communicate with your audience

We have used Social Media Ads to generate incredible results for all our clients, and we can help you with your own needs.

How long will it take to get results?
On average, you can expect to see results from our paid acquisition campaigns in the first three months.

If you were unable to find the answer you’ve been looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us directly.


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